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Ensuring children’s right to play is supported across all levels of the WA community.

A word from our patron: Colin Pettit - Commissioner for Children and Young People

A declaration of the importance of play in children’s lives

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The Play Matters Collective (PMC) is an affiliation of organisations and individuals with a shared vision to ensure children’s right to play is supported across all levels of the WA community. Find out more here
A word from our Patron
Colin Pettit, the Western Australia Commissioner for Children and Young People.

“Play is a fundamental human right, enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Play is critical to healthy physical, social and emotional development, laying a strong foundation for children to thrive throughout the life-course.

Children and young people consistently tell me how important it is to play; that it brings valuable opportunities to connect with friends and family, rest and recharge, or get physically active.

Whether at home, school, the local sporting club, or the natural environment, children have a right to play.  As adults, it’s our job to safeguard and promote this right.

In my role as Patron I will continue to support the Play Matters Collective and I commend their efforts to highlight the importance of play and its role in the healthy development of our children and young people.”